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Madam President ❤

Dear Hillary Clinton,

Thank you.

While casting my vote for the first woman president of the United States of America, I held my two and three year old daughters in my arms.  The amount of emotion that came over me is indescribable.  Our country is evolving in such an incredible direction, and I am proud to be apart of such a beautiful movement.

20161108_110119Walking into my Ohio polling place…
#AlainaPaige in my Ergo & #EloiseGrace proud of the rock she found in the parking lot.

Prior to entering the polls, my 3 year old daughter and I had a conversation about voting and using our voice.  We talked about how important it is to express our opinions, but expressing our opinions is worth nothing unless we vote.  Voting allows us to truly express our thoughts and feelings and show the world how much our voices matters.  This vote…. this time… this election in particular is monumental.  Not only are we using our voice to vote, but we are using are voice to vote for a woman that stands for all of what is right in our country.  The thought of this overwhelms my heart and brings tears to my eyes.  It is truly amazing.

I asked my 3 year old daughter if she would like to vote for a girl or boy for president.  I can’t even believe I’m saying something so bizarre.  My daughter has the opportunity to see that a man AND a woman are running for such a powerful position in our country.  Look how far our country has come!  Without hesitation, accompanied by the biggest smile on her face, Eloise squealed, “A GIRL FOR PRESIDENT, MOMMY!  I’m voting for a girl!”  My three year old daughter is given the opportunity to watch a girl, no different than her, run for President of the United States of America.  How fucking awesome is that??

20161108_113132#EloiseGrace showing off her voting sticker.

I’ve never really been a political person.  Actually, I was one of those people that would get incredibly annoyed around election time.  Scrolling through social media would cause me to roll my eyes and think, “There are bigger things to deal with in the world than a stupid presidential election.”  I was ignorant.  Uneducated.  Oblivious to how important it is to utilize my voice.  Stupid to think that politics don’t effect my everyday existence.  I don’t recall my parents teaching me much about the political system or even the importance of voting.  I don’t remember going to the polls with them or listening to them discuss voting.  Lucky for me, I married the biggest political nerd in human history.  I married a well informed, willing to educate, strong man with a great head on his shoulders.  In the past 5 years, he’s opened my eyes.  He’s encouraged me to challenge myself and understand the importance on what our country was founded upon.  My husband has never pushed me to believe in a certain direction, or encouraged me to vote one way.  He’s encouraged me to be a fucking adult and educate myself.  He’s encouraged me to do my own research and form a well thought educated decision and to make up my own mind.  He’s encouraged me to have a voice and to use it.

I want my daughters to know it’s important to know what’s going on in our country.  I don’t want my daughters to be the uneducated eye rollers that throw up their hands and refuse to fight.  I want my daughters to be the educated, strong willed, open minded, nasty women that our country is finally accepting women to be!

I want my daughters to know they are just as important as men.  Just as equal as men.  I want my daughters to know they have ownership of their bodies.  Their thoughts.  Their choices.  Their beliefs.  I want my daughters to know that no one else gets to control them.  I want my daughters to know they can play football, wear pantsuits, and have short hair.  I want my daughters to know they can wear short skirts, flaunt high heels, and douse their faces with makeup.  I want my daughters to know that they have a voice and they can challenge their peers, regardless of their sex.  I want my girls to know they don’t have to be “likeable” to achieve great things.  I want my daughters to know they merely have to be dedicated, educated, compassionate, and hard working.  I want my daughters to know that they can be a CEO, a janitor, a teacher, a doctor, a bus driver, a police woman.  I want my girls to know that if they so desire, they can strive to be the President of the fucking United States.  We live in a beautiful world where they can be anything… do anything.. achieve ANYTHING… and I want to raise them to be confident in that!


Madam President, I’ve never been one of those quiet women that crosses her legs and filters her thoughts.  My mother always jokes about how “abrasive” I’ve been my whole life.  She says abrasive.  I say strong.  Thank you for standing up for all women and showing the world that you can be a strong woman… I can be a strong woman.  My daughters can be strong women.  Having a voice, fighting for women’s rights, being different than past generations can’t be seen in a negative connotation any longer.  It’s time to evolve and work towards being a stronger America together.  A stronger generation.  A stronger community.  A stronger house and home.  Seeing your name on the ballot this morning meant more than just casting a vote for a president.  It’s a movement to change our country and to finally see human beings for what we truly are… equal and all in need of a fair shot.

Regardless of how this election ends, I want to take a moment to thank you, Mrs. Clinton.  Thank you for bringing such joy and pride to my home, my community, and my heart.  Thank you for showing me that my strength isn’t to be look upon as a negative characteristic, but rather as something to be proud of… something for my daughters to be proud of.  I want you to know that I didn’t vote for you as some sort of vagina power movement or some “vote for the lesser of two evils” bullshit.  I voted for you because I truly believe in everything you stand for.  I truly believe you will bring a much needed light to our country.  I like you.. and I believe in you.  Tonight, in my swing state Ohio home, we stand with you, Hillary Clinton.  We stand with you, and we are proud of everything you’ve already done for our country… for our community… for our families… for my daughters.


Thank you.  From the bottom of my heart.  Thank you.

Samantha Pollick
“One Really Fucking Nasty Woman”


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