Alaina, Sissy, Lanie, Lane Bug, Sass…

Alaina Paige,

Happy birthday!  Two years old.  You’re two years old.  I can’t even believe I’m saying such a thing.  Much like your sister, your entrance into this world was nothing short of dramatic.  We were so scared during your delivery, and we were so thankful when you arrived healthy and happy.  Healthy and happy.  Happy.  Incredibly happy.  That’s the best way to describe you.  You filled our world with joy, and you remind me daily to slow down, be flexible, and enjoy the little moments.


I found out you were coming into this world when your older sister was only 4 months old.  I wasn’t prepared to be a mother making a newborn while raising a newborn.  I was scared… I was angry… I was confused.  I thought there was no way I would succeed at a life with two children so close in age.  My pregnancy with you was utterly horrid.  I was sick on a daily basis.  My body was tired and hurt daily.  I could barely function.  Not to mention, your sister was a difficult newborn.  I can recall being up every 2 hours to feed her well into her first year of life, and I even crawled into her crib with my giant pregnant belly.  I was mad at myself for conceiving another baby when I could barely adjust to being a new mom of one.

It wasn’t until I was 34 weeks gestation that my mind allowed me to understand what was happening in my life.  Suddenly, everything clicked in my heart and I was delighted.  I gained confidence and allowed myself to feel guilty while still feeling excited.  I could do this…  I could be a mom of two beautiful girls that would be so close in age.  You were no longer a possibility in my mind.  You became my child… and from that point on, I decided to be excited.

Just two days after your sister turned one, you decided to make your grand entrance.  Dramatic as all hell, you were delivered via emergency c-section.  You were readmitted to the pediatric floor for severe jaundice and gave us a run for our money those first few days of your life.  But as you’ve grown older, you’ve become the goofy, laid back, easy baby of our family.  You’re funny.. and your smile lights up the room.

Unlike your sister, you’re quiet.  You like to keep to yourself, and you don’t talk very much.  You let Eloise do the talking for you.  Due to this, we were unaware of how smart you are.  In the past few months, you’ve started to blossom.  You’re using more words on a regular basis, and you’re beginning to string together two word sentences.  Turns out, you understand and know more than we’d ever imagined.

Much like your sister, you are full of attitude.  Alaina, I love your easy personality, but sweet girl, you’re a bully.  You don’t take shit from anyone, and you’ll even boss around your 9 year old cousin.  You’re strong and bull headed.  You know what you want, and you’re not afraid to fight for it.  You took so much shit from Eloise your first year of life, and you’re making up for it in year two by showing everyone who’s boss.  I watched you at your birthday party boss around your cousins…. and you’re the youngest!  It makes me proud to know you have good leadership skills!


You know the colors blue, yellow, purple, and green.  You can count to three… and you love to say, “Ready?  Set.  Go!”  Puzzles are your favorite activity, and you love to sort shapes.  You’re an electronic junkie.  You love to watch YouTube videos, and you’ve picked up on so much sign language from the crazy videos that you watch.  Sometimes I catch you holding a phone and an iPad at once…. watching two separate videos but so intently focused on both.  You love to play with baby dolls, and you’re such a good pretend Mommy.  You rock your babies, nurse your babies, and you even put them to bed.

Prior to your 2nd birthday, you decided you were done with diapers.  You continued to take off your pants and throw your diaper in the trash.  I wasn’t ready to potty train you, and I wasn’t sure you’d even be successful.  But you proved me wrong.  You potty trained in less than two days, and it was incredibly easy.  You’re even waking up in the mornings dry and never have accidents.  You also decided you were done sleeping in a pack and play.  You never did enjoy a crib, but truly loved sleeping in your pack and play.  About a week ago, you opted to sleep in a full size bed.  From that night on, you’ve been sleeping through the night.  Thank goodness!

Alaina, can you believe it’s been two years and we are still breastfeeding??  You don’t nurse very often, but when you do, we enjoy the special bond we’ve created.  I can remember bringing you home from the hospital determined to make our breastfeeding journey continue for 6 weeks.  6 weeks passed.  3 months passed. 6 months passed.  A year… and now we’re at two!!  I can see that you’re beginning to wean as you only ask once per day to nurse… but I’m thankful for the time we’ve had with each other.


As we celebrate your second birthday, I want to take a moment to thank you for being a wonderful child.  Your sassy, hilarious personality has taught me to slow down and enjoy life.  You’re incredibly flexible and your “go with the flow” attitude has taught me that some days it’s ok to wear pajamas and be on electronics all day.  You’ve taught me that it’s ok if my house isn’t clean and that “Pinterest planned activities” aren’t necessary on a regular basis.  You’ve taught me the only thing that matters is truly loving my children and giving them the best of me every single day.  You’ve taught me that laughter, fun, and spending quality time together is what matters most in life.  Most of all, you’ve taught me strength.  You’ve taught me that I’m stronger than I’ve ever imagined.  You’ve taught me that life is full of fears, but with great confidence I can conquer anything!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sassafrass.
I love you.






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