It’s been 21 days since my last post, and I’m pretty sure that’s the longest I’ve ever gone between blog posts.  Life has been hectic in our household, and it’s really been a struggle to take some time to sit down and blog.  The holidays always seem to get the best of me, but allowing myself to feel no pressure in blogging really helped me enjoy my time with family.  Instead of posting some insight into my crazy thought processes, I think today I’ll just take the time to give my readers a life update.  Go ahead and hit the red “X” if you don’t give a fuck.  LOL!

My husband, Jared, has been busting his ass at work.  For those of you that don’t know, he works for a local federal health center.  He was given the opportunity to do an interview with the national television station, PBS.  He continues to expand his company by opening more office branches in our town and surrounding communities.  Jared works tirelessly to provide not only for his family, but for our entire community.  He’s always willing to network with a new agency or to create a way for our community members to have easier access to healthcare.  I had the luxury of visiting his newest branch, and the providers in the building absolutely adore him.  I know how amazing my husband can be, but it was utterly refreshing to hear his employees speak so highly of him.  He truly goes the extra mile, and for that, I am so proud.

Jared took over a week off between the holidays to be home with his family.  It was so nice to have him home with us even though he ended up being sick.  The girls and Jared passed around a vicious cold to one another, and each of them were pretty miserable in the time he was home.  Regardless, the girls enjoyed having him here and soaking up the extra snuggles.  Jared and I were given the opportunity to go to lunch together.  It was incredibly wonderful to spend a meal together without interruptions.  We laughed over a few beers and simply enjoyed each other’s company.  Dates are very rare in our household, so when we are given the opportunity to be alone, we snatch it up!

20161230_124130-01.jpegLunch date @ Old Bag of Nails with my handsome hubby.

Eloise continues to thrive at play therapy and has made enormous efforts in finding healthy ways to cope with her anxieties.  We attended multiple appointments at Nationwide Children’s Hospital (NCH) Sleep Disorder Clinic in hopes to get a better understanding of her struggles with sleep.  Since birth, Eloise has had a difficult time obtaining quality sleep.  For the last year, I had been sleeping in her bed in order to avoid excessive night wakings, vomiting, and aiding her in getting the best night’s sleep possible.  After meeting with both the sleep consultant and psychologist, it was determined that on top of Eloise’s anxiety, she struggles with insomnia and restless leg syndrome.  The NCH doctors along with Eloise’s pediatrician and my own experience with RLS developed a plan to assist Eloise in obtaining a better quality night’s sleep.

Eloise began Epsom Salt soaks, which are amazing for anyone struggling with muscle spasms or pain.  She enjoys swirling her “salties” around in the tub and watches it dissolve.  We’ve also implemented a diffuser and essential oils bracelet into her every day life.  Eloise stole my Echo Dot that I received as a Christmas gift, and enjoys playing classical lullabies at night to help with sleep.  We’ve implemented a reward system to encourage her to sleep independently, and she’s mastered staying in her bed sans vomit for over 2 weeks now!

Eloise started preschool today!!  She’s growing up so quickly.  I was apprehensive to start in the middle of the school year, but I’ve realized how desperately Eloise wants to socialize.  I’m not a social person, nor do I really make friends.  It’s hard for me to have play dates when we really don’t know many moms in the area.  Plus we are back and forth from appointments most of the time during the week.  Enrolling Eloise in preschool was more a social decision for the family.  I look forward to seeing how much fun she has and how many friends she makes in school!


Alaina continues to be, well, Alaina.  Our easy baby has turned high needs.  Once she became potty trained, her sensory development took a turn for the shitter. (See what I did there?)  She refuses to get dressed in the morning and will only wear a dress.  I’m pretty sure she went 5 straight days wearing her Minnie Mouse pajama dress, but I’ve come to learn to pick my battles.  Alaina struggles with the sensation of poop and screams bloody murder when I attempt to wash her hair.  Loud noises send her into utter panic, and she’s become rather clingy.

Alaina’s speech continues to be delayed.  Most unsolicited advice I receive is that Alaina will talk in her own time.  Yes, she’s the second baby, and yes, Eloise talks enough for all of us, but Alaina didn’t seem to be progressing or developing at a typical rate.  So I opted for a speech evaluation.  She now attends speech therapy weekly and was referred to see an occupational therapist to assist with her newly found sensory issues.  Since Alaina started speech therapy, it’s almost as if a light switch went off in her brain.  Her rare 2 word sentences have turned into a common occurrence.  While typing this blog post, she even said a 4 word sentence for the first time!!  Alaina loves to sing, and she has picks up on songs quickly.  She enjoys watching Daniel Tiger, and of course she continues to be obsessed with Mickey Mouse.

20170101_204317-01.jpegAidan (cousin) and Alaina… of course she’s in a pajama dress!

As for me, well, I continue to be obsessed with yoga!  I’ve reached a point where I practice on a daily basis on top of my regular exercise, and it’s really improved my mood and overall well being.  I’m tinkering with the idea of attending a yoga teacher training (YTT) starting this summer.  It’s not that I want to be a yoga instructor for the rest of life, or maybe not even at all.  I just feel like YTT would really assist me in providing quality care to my clients once I return to the social worker field.  The amazing benefits of being self aware of your own breathing could do absolute wonders for my clients.  Not to mention, I love to teach and help others!  Since I’ve started documenting my yoga journey through social media, I’ve had numerous people contact me wanting more information on how to begin their own journey.  Countless people have told me I’ve inspired them to take control of their own well being, and for that, I’m incredibly thankful.  What better way to expand on that inspiration than through yoga teacher training!  We shall see…

20161222_232714I’ve become obsessed with creating art from my yoga poses.

I seem to have better control of my fibromyalgia symptoms and I’m very self aware of what to do when I have a flare up.  I’ve taken the time in the month of December to really focus on myself and take care of me.  Putting yourself first doesn’t make you selfish.  It makes you fucking smart.  I think as moms we forget how important it is to truly take care of ourselves.  I’ve come to understand that if I can’t take care of me, I can’t take care of the rest of my family.  Much like the rest of the world, I’ve made New Year resolutions and goals.  One of which is to really dig into my blog and take the time to expand on it.  I am thankful for my readers and the incredible support you all have given me!  I’m hoping to become more regular in my blog posts and to really dig into what being a stay at home mom is all about.

Here’s to 2017… bring it on!



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