No, my political posts aren’t going to end.

As I sit here and scroll through my social media news feed post inauguration, I continue to see an abundance of political posts from my friends and family.  90% of what I see I can’t like enough.  I end up going on this “like” spree and get all excited that I’m surrounded with people much like me.  People that are motivated and willing to fight for what is right… and to not allow the results of the presidential election stop us from standing up for what is right.  Then of course, there’s that select 10% that sends me into utter rage.  Those few people I choose to keep on my social media sites, for whatever reason, that struggle with educating themselves on truths.  Facts.  Those few people that moan and whine about all the political posts while they sit on their asses and soak up the benefits the rest of us are fighting for.  It’s that 10% of people that drives me insane.

I don’t expect people to read or post politically on social media in hopes of changing anyone’s mind.  Let’s be honest.  One meme.  One article.  One thing I post isn’t going to make you think just like me.  You’re not going to see a light bulb go off in your brain and then boom, you’ve magically come to the other side.  The whole concept of posting on social media is to spread awareness.  It’s to challenge someone to click on something they may not have read if seen somewhere else.  My purpose of posting political shit on social media is to challenge others to educate themselves and be open minded.  I want you to see that your “friend” found something incredibly interesting and wants you to just maybe click on it with an open mind….

With that being said, let me just clarify a few things…

  1.  Freedom of Speech:  I fully support our first Amendment and your right to speak as you please… but what I don’t support is fucking ignorance.  I don’t support people that are uneducated and arguing against facts with opinion.  I don’t support individuals spewing at the mouth absolute nonsense.  You want to have an opinion?  By all means, enlighten me.  But for fuck’s sake, be FACTUAL.  Do your research and back up your opinion with facts.  Don’t just read the title of an article, post it, and then applaud yourself for having an opinion.  Read the article.  Challenge it.  Back it up with other sources.  Make sure what you post is actual truth and not some random bullshit find on the internet.  We live in a world where Google is easily accessible.  You can literally find information at the tips of your fingers.  But, please remember that not everything you find is factual.  Our world is full of bullshit.  Don’t get caught up in it.  I believe in freedom of speech.  I truly do.  But I also believe in taking responsibility for being wrong.  Be open minded and willing to hear the other side.  Listen with the intent to understand, not reply.
  2. Why can’t we all just get along?:  My head wants to literally burst every time I read such a thing on social media.  Everyone should just love one another, and the world should be full of peace.  We should all just move to Pleasantville, wear petty coats, and wipe each other’s asses.  This idea that the human race is simplistic and capable of loving across the board is utterly absurd.  The human body is designed to be a complex, intriguing thing that we can embrace and challenge.  Our bodies are designed to feel an array of emotions.. including love and acceptance.  But also annoyance, anger, and fear.  Do you really want to live in a world where we are all the same?  Where we all smile and love one another?  You go right ahead!  I’ll enjoy living in this complex world where every day is different and my body feels a myriad of emotions on any given basis.  There is a giant difference between accepting one another and loving one another.  I don’t have to love you.  I don’t even have to fucking like you.  But I do have to respect you and accept you for who you are.  That being said, I’m allowed to challenge you and you’re allowed to challenge me.
  3. Differing Beliefs:  I also fully support and encourage differing opinions and beliefs.  I don’t expect people to think or believe like me because well, then you’d be a copy cat.  No one likes a copy cat.  As I said above, we live in a complex world.  We are all able to contribute to the diversity of our world and make it a beautiful place to live.  I surround myself with those similar to me, but I also live in a world where people are different.  Having variety in our world makes for a more pleasant place where we can grow and challenge one another.  It helps us to grow not only as individuals, but as a society.  Dare to be different, but dare to accept those that are different around you.
  4. Deleting people from social media:  Ooooh, girl.  How dare you!?  I can’t even tell you the number of people that have contacted me via private message asking why I deleted them from social media.  I’ve deleted my own mother from social media.  Pretty sure I’m not obligated to keep a high school friend on my feed merely for shits and giggles.  Being a “friend” on social media means I’m connected with you.  It means I respect you, and I value your opinion.  It means I’ve decided our relationship, whether it be in person or virtual, is important to me.  I take my news feed and social media friendships quite serious.  I don’t just keep you around because I love seeing the picture you post of meatloaf you made from scratch.  I also don’t feel I don’t have a right to delete you if your page content irritates the piss out of me.  If we are fundamentally different people, and I find the shit you post is a bunch of Facebook bullshit, I don’t feel obligated to keep our social media friendship.  If we have no other connection than a “friend” button, I don’t feel you should be offended if I delete you.  The great thing about being a human being is I have a choice.  I have a choice in who and what I surround myself with.  If I choose to delete someone I deem as toxic, ignorant, or uneducated from my life, so be it.  I don’t deserve to be judged or chastised for that… and neither should you.

Although I am highly displeased with the outcome of the last presidential election, I am thankful for the things it has brought to my universe.  I have been able to realize the amazing advocates I have in my life that spend countless hours fighting for the black, Muslim, and LGBT communities.  I have advocates in my life that take the time to support women, the elderly, and children.  I have teachers that educate me on the importance of government policies and how changes could impact our public school systems.  I have young mothers advocating for women’s rights and have shown me how repealing the ACA could effect their own healthcare.  I am highly displeased with the 45th President of the United States of America, but I am incredibly grateful for the people around me continually fighting for what is right.

In past years, political posts fill social media in the few short months before the presidential election.  People argue and discuss the importance of their own candidate.  People strongly encourage you to vote in the direction of their own political party.  But once the candidate has been selected, radio silence.  This presidential election has proven different.  We are well past election night and time continues to move past the inauguration… and I continue to see a flood of political posts on my news feed.  As American citizens, we had become complacent with the ass sitting in the chair at the Oval office.  We had felt safe, much like the feeling we might have if our 12 year old were sitting in her room reading a book.  This presidential election didn’t result in how the popular vote wished, but it sure as shit lit a fire under our asses.  The feeling we have with the 45th President in the Oval office is similar to the feeling we have when a toddler begins to walk.  It’s shaky.  It’s scary… and you must be ever vigilant.

I want my readers to know that I will never stop utilizing my voice to speak for those whom can’t.  I will never stop using my voice to fight for what I feel is right.  I will never stop using my voice to educate the world around me.  I will continue to absorb the plethora of information surrounding me and utilize my advocacy networks to learn so much more.  I will continue to challenge myself and grow.  I will continue to learn why politics are so important in our everyday lives.  I will continue to advocate.  I will continue to speak.  I will continue to share.  So, no, my political posts aren’t going to end… and you, my friend, can either get the fuck over it or find the delete button.  I won’t be offended ❤



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  1. You are an amazing woman!! Never stop being you!! Took me yrs to realize I could feel and say whatever I needed to …….

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