**Become a GUEST blogger**

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Got something to say? Don’t have a way to express it on your own? Have good insight? Become a guest blogger for My SAHM Life. I would love to give you the opportunity to write for me. Not to mention, it’d be nice to have new insight for my readers… a new, fresh perspective.

You can submit your requests one of two ways:

1. Complete the “Contact Me” form to open a line of communication. This is for those of you who have something to say, but you’re just not sure what yet. We can bounce ideas back and forth via email, and I can assist you with editing prior to publication.

2. Complete the “Guest Blogger Form” and write what you already have to say. A draft will automatically be submitted for me to review prior to publication. Any images you’d like to use on your guest post should be submitted via email (pollicksamantha@gmail.com).

*On the top of the page, click on “**Become a GUEST blogger**” to obtain necessary forms.