About Me

Hello! As you can tell from my blog, I am a stay at home mom to two absolutely wonderful daughters, Eloise and Alaina. My girls are considered “irish twins” as they were born just 12 short months apart. I have an extensive background in Early Childhood Education and enjoy implementing my knowledge into our every day life. I quit my job as a social worker to stay home with my children. I have a Bachelor’s degree in human ecology and Master’s degree in social work. I enjoy cooking/baking, reality TV, and fashion/hair/makeup. I like to escape from time as mom to binge watch YouTube videos. My life can be hectic most days, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Eloise Grace – “Louie”
My oldest daughter was born in November 2013. She entered this world with a personality full of sass, and her personality has never changed. She is creepishly (yes I made that word up!) intelligent and so full of energy. She loves to swim and dress up as a princess. She loves to sing and make us laugh.

Alaina Paige – “Lane”
My youngest daughter was born in November 2014. She, also, made a dramatic entrance into the world. She is kind and gentle hearted. She loves to smile and warm our hearts. She loves to watch her sister and frequently mimics Eloise. She loves to dance and will stop what she’s doing to dance to any music she hears!

Jared and I met in 2009 at my grandpa’s funeral. He was the HR director for my mom’s company, and he came to support my mom. Our relationship moved very quickly, and we wed in June 2012. I uprooted my life from Fremont to be with him in Mansfield, and here we began our life together. He’s my partner in crime and provides so much for our family. He’s strong and confident… and he’s really good at what he does. But when he comes home, he melts into “Daddy mode,” and will do anything for his little girls.